"If you can landscape your garden you can soulscape your life"

A Sagittarius sun gives me my love of travelling both physically, mentally and spiritually. My creativity and thirst for knowledge are reflected in having a Libra moon and Gemini rising.

Different lands and cultures I have called home, from Africa to England, Europe and the Middle East.

My career journey started being a Licentiate of Trinity College London in piano teaching. After much hard work and soul searching, I concluded that it was not my calling.

From an early age I had a love for art, architecture and design so I said goodbye to teaching and immersed myself in interior design for a decade or more. During this time my spirituality awakened through studying Transcendental Meditation and through certifying as a Reiki Master.

Illness struck, the NHS told me it was incurable but the Universe had other ideas. After intensive treatment on the bio-feedback electrical Scenar device for three months, quite remarkably, I was free from my illness, for it to never return.

As a result I was intrigued by this device and wanted to learn more. I decided to study under one of the inventors, Prof Revenko at his teaching hospital in Yekaterinburg. This was an enormous privilege and learning curve.


‘To enable the body to heal there has to be a deep emotional release’ .

But, in reality, I had no idea how to manage clients’ emotions, let alone my own. So, once I had qualified on this device, I felt called to study and become certified in Transpersonal Counselling, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Emotional Freedom Technique.

Studying these modalities enabled me to go deep, explore my shadow side, embraced my inner child, heal lifetimes of wounds, forgive myself and others, laugh and cry, grieve the loss of loved ones and live a more balanced and meaningful life.

After a few years of good health, a new medical condition challenged me. This time, a dear friend introduced me to the bioresonance device Rayonex. The condition’s cause, along with other niggling health issues, were revealed and successfully treated by the device. Long standing food intolerances and allergies also disappeared.

After acquiring one of these amazing Rayonex devices, I wanted to learn more, so I trained and qualified as a Bioresonance practitioner. I now love supporting my clients and friends in their own healing journeys.


My love and passion for nature runs deep.


The concept of spirit and soul has intrigued me since I was about thirteen. So when I had a nudge from the Universe (during those crazy lockdown years) to take people on a journey of self understanding and healing using a garden as an analogy. My thought was this:

’If you can landscape your garden you can soulscape your life’.

It made perfect sense for me to channel my knowledge and experience into a program that I could teach both in-person and online.

I learnt through Bioresonance all about energy and frequencies, we are energy, our soul and spirits are energy, so weaving science and soul into everyday life is a completely natural thing to do.

Personal passions include: walking in nature, watching live sport, everything from cricket to MotorGP. Yoga and dance, rock music to jazz, classical guitar to reggae. Art, good literature, motorbikes to classical cars and so much more!

For me there is nothing more humbling and fulfilling than to see people heal, have amazing breakthroughs and be armed with the tools to navigate through life.

I believe we are here to support each other, to know who we are and embrace the power of love and forgiveness.

I also believe we are spiritual beings having a human experience. We can live more sustainably and wisely, so to take better care of ourselves and our ever giving, glorious mother earth.